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Benaulim Beach (South Goa)

Benaulim Beach is situated in southern Goa, just a few kilometres south of MargaoBenaulim Beach Goa and about an hour’s drive from Panaji. One of the easiest ways to get to the beach is via the regular bus services offered from Margao, Panaji, Varca and Mobor. Alternatively, visitors can access the beach via train, with Karmali station being located in relatively close proximity to Benaulim.

Benaulim is generally regarded as the beach of choice for those who wish to be close to nature, due to its unspoilt shoreline. Broadly speaking, the beach is very quiet during weekdays. However, it tends to be very busy due to local popularity on weekends and therefore if you are considering visiting, then you should bear this in mind.
Benaulim beach has pristine sand, clear water and remains largely unknown to the majority of tourists, meaning the beach has avoided the wide range of water sports usually offered at other beaches in Goa. Accordingly, visitors to the beach are able to relax in peace and tranquillity. This is one of the key attractions of Benaulim beach to tourists looking to escape from the crowds.

As mentioned above, there is very little to do at Benaulim beach other than to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and laze in the sun whilst basking in the enviable climate that Goa boasts. However, Benaulim does in fact possess a major cultural attraction in a nearby village; the Church of Saint John the Baptist. The church is positioned on a small hill and draws many visitors away from the beach. A visit provides the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the building, whilst also taking advantage of the views offered by the elevated location of the church.

There are also several local festivals which take place on the beach over the course of the year which gives visitors the opportunity to sample the real India and immerse themselves in the local culture. These festivals tend to begin in early April and go on until around late July. However, it is recommended to seek local advice as specific dates tend to vary year on year.

Benaulim also provides a memorable experience in terms of the food on offer. In fact, often don’t need to leave your spot on the beach to sample the local delicacies as the owners of restaurants and food stalls regularly walk on the beach offering to take orders for delivery. When the evening draws in, Benaulim beach offers romantic candle lit dinners on the sand providing the best end to a day for both couples and families alike.

In terms of accommodation, Benaulim offers a small but attractive selection of options. Whether you are looking for a luxury boutique hotel such as the Taj Exotica or the Carina Beach Resort, or accommodation of a more simplistic and local nature in the form of independent/family owned budget hotels or beach huts, it should not be hard to find an appropriate place to stay on any budget.

Benaulim beach is usually regarded as being one of the premier beaches in Goa. Still relatively undiscovered by tourists, it offers visitors a tranquil and relaxing experience, to be enjoyed in undisturbed surroundings where local culture still continues to thrive.

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