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Betul Beach (South Goa)

Betul beach is located 35 kms from Dabolim Airport (Approx 45 mins journey). Unlike other beaches in Goa, there are no means of accessing the beach directly via public transport. Betul beach is one of the most secluded and private beaches in Goa; very few tourists have even heard of it, let alone know how to get there.

If you do not have access to a vehicle, then you will need to use a variety of means to get to the beach. One popular way for tourists to gain access is to travel to the town of Mobor and then to cross the River Sal on the Assolna Ferry (a free service), before finally walking a short distance to the beach. Alternatively, tourists have also been known to travel via rail to Margao Station and then continue via bus to the outskirts of Betula for around 10 rupees, before walking the remaining distance to the beach.

The beach has therefore successfully retained its natural charm. Betul differs from other beaches in Goa not only because of its almost secret existence, but also because it offers a typically much cooler climate due to its sheltered location and the existence of many fruit and palm trees which cover large areas of the beach.

Betul offers a secluded space to relax and swim in clear waters surrounded by beautiful natural landscape. Many visitors also choose to walk to the nearby Mobor Peninsula. The Mobor Peninsula is around 1km from the beach and provides spectacular views of Betul beach and the surrounding area and therefore is highly worth a visit.

In light of the secluded nature of Betul beach, as you would expect, there are very few tourist activities on offer. This gives the beach a very paradise like feel. There are also very few souvenir stalls / regular markets which again, contrasts with the majority of other beaches in Goa.

The shoreline at Betul tends to be rather active due to the local fishermen who catch a wide variety of species in Betuls clear waters, before offering them in the form of cooked dishes to visitors. It is also often said that the finest mussels Goa has to offer are found in the waters which surround Betul beach, and consequently Betul has gained a reputation for offering exotic fish dishes at its small number of food stalls and restaurants.

If you are considering extending your stay at Betul beyond a single day, then there are a small number of family run guesthouses which offer tourists the chance to experience the “real Goa”, so to speak. Living amongst the local population instead of in closed tourist resorts makes for a truly memorable experience.

Overall, Betul beach is arguably the most suited beach to those who wish to relax in seclusion and privacy, whilst enjoying the natural beauty and climate Goa has to offer.

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