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Betul Beach in Goa

Betul Beach arranges 41 km from the one and only worldwide airplane terminal of Goa – Dabolim Airport. This is around 45-50 minutes viaundefined auto. Tragically, there is no immediate open transportation from that point. Yet at the same time there are some different variations how to reach Betul Beach. Here are they

- by prepaid Taxi. The cost is around 900 rupees.

- all alone or on a rental auto. Thruway NH66. Goal: Margao — Cabo De Rama Fort. Facilitates for GPS: 15, 15204°N, 73, 94665°E/15, 14292°N, 73, 95026°E.

- by a Taxi to the Mobor Beach. Picking this variation you ought to recall that it must be paid ahead of time and the expense will be around 600/720 rupees. The value distinction relies on upon the accessibility of aerating and cooling in the auto. At that point you can cross the River Sal on Cavelossim — Assolna ship, which is completely free, coincidentally, or on a speedboat.

- Railway transport. The closest railroad station is Margao Railway Station, which is found 18 km from Betul town. At that point you should take a taxi (the expense is around 400 rupees) or a transport (Muxer Bus Stop, cost — 10 Rs). It ought to be seen that transports are occasional and now and again you should hold up hours.

Here are some extra methods of transportation: auto rickshaws, distinctive engine vehicles.

Betul is a little seaside town in South Goa, which is situated in Salcete Taluk (Salcete district), 24 km from Margao city. This is a pleasant resort as well as an angling port, where both angling vessels and maritime trawlers are bringing their catch to.

The fundamental control of inhabitants here is angling. Betul Village comprises fundamentally of hovels and lodges; separate houses and cabins are less here – almost 60 units as it were. Individuals are living genially; every night kids and ladies are assembling to discuss diverse things, to play amusements and have some good times.


Betul is situated in the south of Mobor Beach, on the inverse bank of the River Sal, precisely at its delta. The stream isolates the shoreline from the town. This is a staggeringly wonderful and intriguing spot, extremely reasonable for individuals of sentimental nature who are searching for isolation and forlornness and are long for association with nature. The cool sea breeze guarantees lovely temperatures lasting through the year. The moderately little confined shoreline, which involves the eastern bank of the River Sal, is covered up in the lovely shadow of organic product trees and coconut palms and do magic onto vacationers and visitors with its delicate brilliant sand. The shoreline has a little tidal pond and a waterway that streams to the ocean. A field street with a slight inclination prompts the shoreline. Astounding, extraordinary and stunningly wonderful perspective onto Mobor Resort and the Ocean shows up before the eyes of everybody who are coming here.

Betul resort has bunches of spots for nourishment taking and convenience of various levels. Bamboo House Goa Hotel arranges on Betul shoreline and numerous individuals are going by its incredible eatery – The Blue Whale – which is considered to have extremely delicious food and, as indicated by travelers' stories, offer its guests an awesome determination of crisp fish dishes. The most delightful and vast mussels all in all coast are cooked here.

Here are some other decent and agreeable Hotel buildings you can discover in Betul resort: Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort 5*, Betul Beach Resort, Seagull Resort.

Some of local people are likewise conveying lodging for rent. Such a variation will consummately suite those travelers who need to investigate and investigate onto the way of life and way of life of nearby natives.

Be that as it may, the majority of sightseers like to live either in Cavelossim Beach or in Mobor Beach resorts and to go to Betul in a hunt of new impressions. To get to Betul is conceivable by utilizing Cavelossim – Assolna ship or on a speedboat.