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Chapora Beach

Traditional boat building and fishing destination

Chapora Beach is a waterfront town at Chapora River estuary lying nearby a shoreline extend in North Goa that is around 10 km. from Mapusa, a City in Northern Goa. It is near Chapora Fort, an old Portuguese fortification. Chapora is likewise near a trawler-angling pier. Chapora is home to numerous least expensive travel convenience houses found in whole Northern Goa.


Location of Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is a waterfront town at Chapora River estuary lying nearby a shoreline extend in North Goa that is around 10 kms from Mapusa, a City in Northern Goa. It is near Chapora Fort, an old Portuguese fortification ang Vagator Beach

The calmer environs of the Vagator and Chapora shorelines are a wonderful change after the vivacious and action filled Anjuna Beach. The towns of Vagator and Chapora have lavish green scenes bordered with coconut palms, delicate white sands, dark pumice and a delightful ocean that turns from sea green/blue to emerald green with the development of the sun. The shorelines are disregarded by a 500-year-oldPortuguese fortress and life goes on calmly and uninterruptedly here. It's impossible that Chapora will ever form into a noteworthy resort, either. Concealed under a thick shade of trees on the sloppy southern shore of a waterway estuary, it needs both the space and the white sand that have pulled group to Calangute and Colva. The Pit Stop If one has one's own particular transport be that as it may, Chapora is a decent base from which to investigate the locale: Vagator is on the doorstep, Anjuna is a short ride toward the south, and the ship crossing at Siolim - passage to the remote north of the state - is scarcely fifteen minutes away by street. The town is additionally very much associated by transport to Mapusa, and there are a lot of friendly bars and bistros to hang out in. Aside from the guesthouses along the principle street, a large portion of the spots to stay are long stay houses in the forested areas. Chapora Old stronghold Chapora's main point of interest is its respected Old Fort, most effortlessly came to from the Vagator side of the slope. At low tide, one can likewise stroll around the base of the headland, through the jetty, and the disconnected inlets past it, to enormous Vagator, then head up the slope from that point.

About The Beach

Chapora Beach has figured out how to consummately join its conventional vessel building and angling legacy with development of tourism. A stroll down Chapora principle road will take you past conventional structures still required for the nearby business and in addition present day eateries, bars and stores.

Chapora is an angling town which is rich with provincial life. So you can see an extensive number of anglers in their conventional clothing. Chapora is near Vagator shoreline, Anjuna shoreline and the ship crossing at Siolim hence making simpler to visit anyplace in Goa without an excess of voyaging inconvenience.

Esther, a visitor from UK says Chapora Beach is a decent spot for the individuals who are searching for continuous peace and serenity among the white sand, quiet ocean and palm trees. The mood at the shoreline was really sentimental and lovely.

The pleasant shoreline with white sand and various coconut palms along its extend is outstanding as the Chapora fortress, one of the central historic points worked by the Portuguese is arranged nearby.There is a celebrated Ganesh natural product juice focus in Chapora offering natural squeezes and assembling individuals from around.

The perfect and clean Chapora shoreline has its own appeal and is among a portion of the notable places in Goa. One will discover the shoreline all around populated with various travelers as the shoreline has admittance to alternate shorelines of Goa like Anjuna and Vagator. One can likewise observe the sandy inlets and rough precipices of the close-by Vagator shoreline while at Chapora.

Atmosphere of Chapora Beach

Goa has a reliable atmosphere during that time with simply small variances in the temperature. December and January may require light woolens. April and May are warm. The period from June to October brings substantial rain, practically up to 400 cm. The temperature amid the summers ranges from 24°C to 32.7°C and amid the winters it ranges from 21.3°C to 32.2°C.

Things To Do


Swimming at the Chapora shoreline is not frequently thought to be protected as the undercurrents are infrequently extremely solid. Likewise one ought to be set up for Indian mentor vacationers coming to stare at sunbathing Westerners, and expect any police you experience to respect you with some suspicion and shake you down for medications in the event that you erroneously let them know you're staying at Chapora.


Over the inverse bank of the waterway lies Morjim shoreline. Behind the shoreline lies the Chapora post. There is an angling wharf at the shoreline where angling trawlers can dock. The shoreline is known as a decent angling spot and every now and again one can see voyagers angling here.

Sun Bath

.The Chapora Beach is thought to be genuinely protected and one can unhesitatingly and bravely wash up here. Truth be told it is exceptionally hard to oppose the enticing waves. You are certain to be attracted by them. In any case it is prudent to look for the assistance of the lifeguards in light of the fact that the undercurrents are once in a while exceptionally solid.

Sunrais and Sunset

The shoreline offers stunning perspectives of dawn and dusk.

Water Sports

Voyagers and explorers can participate in different water sports exercises in Beach.Water sports aficionados can draw in themselves in stream skiing, ringo riding, para cruising and wind surfing. Alongside these, voyagers can go for dolphin viewing and crocodiles spotting.

Night Life

It is a superb place to unwind and restore. The energetic evenings at Chapora shoreline offers numerous bars and move floors to voyagers for making their night charming.


Chapora Fort

The 500 year old Portugese Fort that make Chapora so extraordinary is currently something of a point of interest in Chapora and an extremely pleased stick for local people.

The splendid site has soak slants on all sides. The post takes after the blueprint of higher inclines, remains over the entire upland range having an unpredictable external arrangement and utilizations the common frame to add protective tallness without limitations advantage rather than dry trench being burrowed. At the highest point of the lofty approach track, the fundamental door is little and unassuming for such an expansive fortress however tight and profound. Contingent upon barrier necessities, the positions of bastions each having the tube shaped turret that gives an uncommon character are sporadically dispersed with their tremendous embrasures for gun.

It expresses the memory of the old Portuguese times giving a breathtaking perspective of the ocean and slopes secured with coconut trees and rice fields. The rest of the bastions and strongholds bring one down the world of fond memories, into the times when Royalty managed the Vagator tone.

Rustic Life - The tender lapping seawater changing hues from sea green/blue to ocean emerald, the minor bungalows with patio nurseries garlanded by shades of lemon, purple and fuchsia, banners and crosses take one on a special first night dream. Life goes on gently in Chapora with salty anglers conveying home their substantial angling nets and children playing among the dry docked vessels. An exposed feet walk around the shoreline with the entrancing warm setting sun and the tender breeze conveying little drops of the salty water from the ocean; it's a blessing from heaven.


Despite the fact that there is no shopping complex around the shoreline to serve the travelers however little market in the Chapora town offers a lot of neighborhood stuff shopping chances to the visitors. There you can shop some flawless gifts, for example, earthen pots, candelabras, lights, frill, flavors and some more. The costs at the market are not settled so you require some great deals. The curios, collectibles and knickknacks accessible in the market make incredible present for your cherished one

There is a little market amongst Chapora and Vagator shoreline which offers a lot of fish. You can purchase ancient rarities like candelabras made of lovely blue china woven crate and earthen pots. Individuals with sweet tooth find the opportunity to appreciate coconuts, bananas "Bebinca", a Goan delicacy produced using delicate coconuts.

A few shops likewise offer ancient rarities, collectibles and knickknacks, for the most part made out of ocean shells. They don't simply make beautiful presents, they can likewise be reclaimed home as improving things to embellish the insides of your rooms. Days after the fact when you take a gander at them, you are certain to recollect with affection the charming times you spent at the Chapora Beach

What To Eat

Indeed, even the sustenance served at the slows down specking the shoreline is extremely delectable, particularly the fish. Various bistros and eateries, taking into account the request of western dishes and Chinese dishes, have likewise sprung up. Make a point to experiment with "Bebinca", its taste is certain to wait in your mouths long after you've completed the process of eating.

There are various eateries and shoreline bistros close to the Chapora shoreline that serve some wonderful fish and beverages.

Discovering some place to eat in Chapora is simple: simply take a pick from the yield of reasonable little bistros and eateries on the fundamental road. The well known Welcome, mostly down, offers a sensible determination of cheap and filling fish, Western and Vegetarian dishes, in addition to steady reggae and techno music, and backgammon sets. The Preyanka, close-by, is in much similar form, yet has a couple of more Indian and Chinese choices. On the off chance that one is experiencing stew smolder a while later, Scarlet Cold Drinks and the Sai Ganesh Café, both a short route east of the primary road, thump up delightfully cool new organic product milkshakes.

Instructions to Reach

The closest railroad station is Karmali and the closest airplane terminal is Dabolim. From both these travel focuses and also from other essential purposes of Goa transports to Chapora Beach is accessible at incessant interims. You can likewise take a taxi from the railroad station and airplane terminal.

Air - The closest airplane terminal is at Dabolim, which is 29 km far from Panaji. Panaji is only 22 km far from Vagator.

Rail - The closest railroad station is at Karmali, only 11 km far from Panaji.

Street - Vagator is at a separation of 9 km from Mapusa, and 22 km a long way from the state capital Panaji.