The must see Arvalem waterfalls are located at around 2 km from the residential community of Sanquelim and 8 km from Bicholim, in North Goa.



The Arvalem Waterfall otherwise called Harvalem falls is an extremely grand and excellent outing spot. This excellent waterfall frames a gigantic lake at the base, which is much well known amongst the swimmers. The shade of the waterfall gets to be sloppy chestnut in storm downpours and the water stream is very less in summer.

This waterfall is set in the midst of beguiling environment, with the Rudreshwar sanctuary in its region. The sanctuary holds significance for the Hindus who put stock in discharging the spirit on the twelfth day after death. The Rock cut hollows are simply arranged close-by. The Arvalem waterfall is a standout amongst the most swarmed vacationer spots in Goa. The Government has built up a recreation center at the waterfall where one can calmly sit and appreciate the magnificence of the waterfall.

The best time to visit Arvalem falls is soon after the rainstorm, the waterfall investigates yet it is somewhat profound all the year round. The falls are effortlessly available from the closest street point (around 100m walk).

The great fall falls down from the mountains from a stature of 50 meters. The Arvalem waterfalls is a group puller having the consecrated Rudreshwar Temple in its region. While rising up out of the sanctuary you can see the unbelievable Arvalem waterfalls in its full magnificence. The grand waterfalls frame a gigantic enticing lake at the base. This lake is regularly stacked with numerous swimmers.

The lively waterfall and the adjacent sanctuary all make an immaculate soul alleviating mixed drink. The Arvalem waterfalls turn out to be more pleasant soon after the rainstorm. Nature has favored this spot with abundant greenery also. You can discover numerous organic product loaded trees near to like the banana, coconut trees and so forth. What increasingly the visitor estimation of the spots increments numerous folds due to the close-by Arvalem hollows. These caverns are genuine case of rock cut memorable engineering. The Government has additionally built up a recreation center at the Arvalem waterfalls from which the perspective of the waterfall can be gently savored.