Banana and Ringo Ride

One of the well known exercises in Goa is Banana and Ringo rides, it is loaded with fun and it is silly as the name depicts the Banana rides and Ringo rides that get to be popular and pleasant water sports of sightseers and fans around the world.

Banana and Ringo rides is a diversion represent vacation destination in Goa - this movement particularly in few shorelines in Goa. Roughly all major shorelines have occasion authority who help for Banana and Ringo Rides movement rides.


The well known Banana rides can be seen by the whole family where the point is to ride a monster estimated expanded banana and attempt and keep up its compass perusing while marine through the uneven waves. Banana and Ringo rides look prefers simple, however should be extremely cautious and it battles which may result after a free fall in water.

Additionally, the popular Ringo rides are for a solitary individual riding in exaggerated rings which are left gliding in the waters. The defining moment from Ringo rides are, time, contorts, whirls and bottoms up are certain to cool the bad-to-the-bone and leave clients requesting increasingly. Attempt it for Fun.

Ringo Ride

Ringo ride in Goa is fun filled ride through the calm water along the Goan shoreline. This sport is completely splendid fun and is all about perceiving to what extent you can sit in an elastic ring towed behind the speed boat. So hold on tight to our big inflatables as you feel the bump and splash along the way.


Ringo rides can be clubbed up along with our other activities that we offer on site like speed boat, parasailing just to name a few. We give special discounts and options depending on the size of your group

Suitable for all ages.

Our Ringo rides are mega fun and give participants the chance to tear up and down the lake on , feeling every bump and splash along the way! Ringo rides can be the perfect added extra along with our other activities on site or great fun on their own. We have two options depending on the size of your group


Banana Ride in Goa

Banana ride in Goa is for grown-ups, and in addition for youngsters. Appreciate the surge of a banana ride as a speedboat whips you in without a doubt the most flawless blue water of Goan shorelines.


Sway along on this banana the length of you can hold tight. This experience is one of the record-breaking most cherished shoreline don, and is most appropriate for adults, youngsters and families.

The banana pontoon can suit up to 6 grown-ups and life coats are accommodated your solace and wellbeing.