Cabo Fort was congenital in 1540 A.D. on the south bank of the river Mandovi in Goa. The chat Cabo actually agency cape in Portuguese. The Cabo Chapel in the avant-garde times is aswell accepted as the Cabo Fort, Cabo Palace, Cabo Raj Niwas and even Raj Bhavan.


The Cabo Fort was initially the home of the Franciscan monastery, that after angry into the official abode of the Governor of Goa. A baby Chapel is complete at the end of the fortress. This is committed to the abstinent adult of The cape (Nossa Senhora do Cabo). This served as a battleground for the seafarers in the age-old days.

The Cabo Palace is now accepted as the Raj Bahavan, the official abode of the Governor of Goa. Bohemian Chandeliers, Chinese porcelain, argent and board appliance are abundantly acclimated for beautification of the place. The breadth in the Raj Bahvan that is acclimated for the swearing ceremonies and added official occasions is alleged as the Darbar Hall.

The Cabo Chapel Fort in the bank paradise is a abode that is not to be absent if in Goa.