Goa is known for its emerald shorelines. In any case, the state has a considerable measure of different pearls to pull in various explorers, similar to the shops, clubs and gives in. Hollows of Goa mirror a past affected with craftsmanship. Lamgau Caves of Goa is one of the best gives in of Goa.


Lamgau Caves are cut out of laterite, which is fairly fragile. Palm trees have secured the hollows with plenitude. One of the two gives in here has a wonderful structure in the sanctum that resembles a structure. Indeed, even the roofs and pillars have been cut with much commitment. The other give in is bigger, and has a rough course. A Shiva Lingam, Tulsi and a little picture of Nandi is introduced in the yard of this buckle. These caverns are one of the significant attractions of Goa and are situated in Bicholim, 25 km from Panaji.


To achieve Lamgau caverns, you can settle on any of the three ways. The principal way is driving from Bicholim towards Mapusa and after that Panaji. The other way is by means of Lamgau town where one needs to trek along the slope base to achieve the holes. The last path is by getting onto a pier from Pigao town.