The Cansaulim Church or the St. Thomas Church of Cansaulim is a notable marvel close to the coastline of Goa. It is a standout amongst the most religious magnum opuses of the shoreline heaven Goa. Cansaulim is arranged in the Mormugao taluka in South Goa.

It has a popular shoreline known as the Cansaulim shoreline where one can see a great deal of palm forests along the shore. For accomodation there are various inns and eateries in Cansaulim.


Likewise various shoreline shacks exist that serve some divine dishes and beverages. There is a railroad station arranged here known as the Cansaulim Railway Station. Cansaulim is well known for the Three Kings feast celebrated here. The emotional peak is come to on January 6, the day of the Feast of the Magi, when three young men running in years from 8 to 10 are chosen as rulers from the three neighboring towns of Quelim, Cansaulim and Arrosim to bring their blessings of gold, myrrh, and frankincense to the Child-God.

During the time desires and energy run high with respect to will's identity the blessed ones picked as it must be either a child or grandson from these three towns; no pariah can guarantee this benefit or respect. To be a lord, if just for a day is no joke, so the youthful rulers take fastidious consideration to prep themselves for the demanding part. In the mean time, on the Mount, the group accumulate from all parts of Goa to go to the Mass and get a look at the three rulers.

A broad reasonable likewise springs up covering the whole ridge. Cansaulim Church was manufactured route back in the year 1581. It is a case of the amazing Portuguese engineering style. The congregation was revamped in 1632 to recuperate it from the injuries of time and reestablish its significance. The Cansaulim Church is gone to by sightseers regardless of their position and doctrine to investigate its old history Goa is loaded with religious places by the drove and is not really tilted towards a specific religion. On the off chance that there are various sanctuaries, an equivalent or maybe more houses of worship can be followed in and around the state.

The Cansaulim church which was established path in 1581 is one such superb bit of landmark which draws various visitors towards itself because of its antiquated history and the run of the mill Portuguese structural style in which it was construct. The congregation was redesigned in the year 1632 keeping in mind the end goal to reestablish the old eminence harmed by age. The Cansaulim Lharam records all the old vicars and history of the congregation and is likewise a noteworthy draw.