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Colva Beach (South Goa)

Colva beach is located in south Goa and can be accessed by taking a bus to Margao and from there, either a taxi or rickshaw to the beach itself. The cost of a single trip will vary between 100-250 rupees depending on your bartering skills.

The beach at Colva is the biggest in Goa; stretching 25km, all the way from Bogmalo to Cabo de Rama. In fact, it is one of the largest beaches in the world, and therefore is often viewed as a place to get away from the crowds which descend on other beaches in Goa such as Anjuna beach. Besides its size, there is little to distinguish Colva beach from the other beaches in Goa. It offers visitors a wealth of natural beauty, fine white sand and palm trees and provides that feeling of paradise which continues to draw tourists to Goa year upon year.

However, the beach does have an interesting and distinguishing history. When India was a colony, the beach was favoured by high society who resided in nearby towns and who constructed luxury villas which are still visible on the beachfront to this day. The beach shacks and huts which have been built in more recent times by the local fishing population make for an interesting juxtaposition that you cannot fail to notice.

Whilst It has succumbed to the needs of tourism, with water sports providers now being positioned on the beachfront and with regular dolphin watching trips also on offer, Colva largely retains its local feel. It is steeped in culture with an active fishing community continuing to thrive and work from the beach, with fishermen and locals often more than happy to share their knowledge of the beach and surrounding area with visitors. One of the most popular tourist attractions close to the beach is the “Our Lady of Mercy Church”, a building constructed in 1620 and often described as one of the most magnificent cultural attractions in Goa due to its exquisite and intricate design. Another popular cultural attraction is Colva beaches annual religious festival, occurring on the penultimate Monday in October, which is an event not to be missed if you are visiting during the period. During the festival, there are a wide variety of both beach and water based festivities to be enjoyed by both the local population and visitors alike.

The accommodation on offer at Colva beach is varied both in terms of quality and price. Many of the luxury villas constructed during India’s time as a colony have been converted into boutique hotels where rooms can cost in excess of 1400 rupees per night. In fact, during peak season, the Colmar Beach Resort charges up to 4000 rupees per night. There are, however, a number of cheaper options available such as the Serjo Home Cottages which isn’t advertised as much as the luxury resorts, but where you can expect to pay on average 400 rupees per night. Visitors should be aware that there are a number of options available to suit each budget, and so there is no need to feel pressured into staying in a luxury resort at significant financial cost.

The beach at Colva is quite a spectacle and a visit is highly advised, if only to marvel at its sheer size and beauty. However, Colva has much more to offer than its beach alone; it offers visitors a rare glimpse into India’s colonial past which provides a truly memorable experience.

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